Tillman Deserves NFL Honor

Tillman Deserves NFL Honor

The idea is always at the surface, has been since the story of an NFL star dying in an Afghanistan firefight captured America’s attention, and strikes especially hard on this holiday weekend 10 years after the September 11 attacks.

You remember Pat Tillman, the NFL star who sacrificed a dream career and millions of dollars for the front line of the fight against terrorism, driven by the kind of values the rest of us admire but can’t always match. He died for it, killed by friendly fire and then disrespected by a government cover-up, so how could we not want to honor him as best we possibly can?

Broadcaster and former NFL receiver Cris Collinsworth is leading the push to induct Tillman into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The case is compelling and straightforward:

The Hall of Fame honors greatness, and what is greater than what Tillman did? Who brought more honor to the sport than a man who gave his career and life to help protect us?

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