Fisher Has FSU Atop Florida Football

Fisher Has FSU Atop Florida Football

He has somehow managed to transform the Seminoles from a fractured, fragmented program to frenzied, frolicking fan base in just one year.

How's this for an inaugural season: Fisher led FSU to 10 victories for the first time in seven years, he beat Miami, destroyed the Gators in Urban Meyer's last regular-season game, defeated Steve Spurrier in a bowl game and then hauled in a recruiting class that was hailed by some as the No. 1 crop in the nation. The only way Fisher could have provided more of a catharsis for Florida State fans would have been if he'd stuck a flaming spear through Jeff Bowden's old playbook.

Fisher is wary, though. He knows if the winds of change can shift so suddenly in favor of Florida State; they can blow the other direction just as quickly.

"We have a great respect for the other programs," Fisher says. "There's so many good players and so many good programs in the state of Florida that as soon as you feel good about yourself, you'll get humbled real quick."

In other words, you cannot take your eye off the ball even for a split second. It's sort of like NASCAR racing. If a driver has a mental lapse and gets shuffled out of the lead pack, he can end up at the back of the line in a hurry.

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