Money Trumps Stupidity in NFL Lockout

Money Trumps Stupidity in NFL Lockout

Not much has changed in 8,000 years.

Long before collective bargaining Armageddon, back when the tribes of Mesopotamia were looking for a good deal in about 6000 B.C., humans didn’t have shekels to spend. So they bartered. Among the things available for trade: cattle, services, sometimes even skulls. In 2011, as NFL owners and players fight over how to divide $9.3 billion a year – a problem we certainly all can relate to – it’s pretty much the same things that are on the table: cattle, services, sometimes even skulls.

This really is just a glorified swap of goods and services. Players offer their talents. Owners offer salaries, uniforms and a stage for players to try to impress sponsors and woo beauty queens into marrying them. (Unfortunately, this is where things fell apart for Dallas wide receiver Roy Williams. He mailed former Miss Texas a $76,000 engagement ring, expecting to wow her, but didn’t realize that she had once drafted him for her Fantasy League team and soon came to realize he was a waste of space.)

Back to the NFL lockout: There are indications it is going to end soon. This conclusion isn’t based merely on the sudden marathon bargaining sessions or the lack of public bombast so much as it is pure logic: Money trumps stupidity seven days a week — and twice on Sunday.

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