Facing Last Chance, UCLA's Neuheisel Confident

Facing Last Chance, UCLA's Neuheisel Confident

In less than two months, he will begin what could be a final sweaty awakening from his dream job, a tortured process in which he might be tossed out of bed by angry alumni and thrown into the streets by Dan Guerrero.

The UCLA football coach must win at least half of his games and play in a bowl or he's gone, and he knows it.

"I hate talking like that, but, as an alumni, I would say absolutely yes," Neuheisel said Thursday. "At the end of the day, I am responsible for this program."

So how is your summer? Neuheisel's has been filled with people talking about a temperature that has nothing to do with the air.

"Obviously, I've had a number of conversations like, 'Hey, you're on the hot seat, you're the No. 1 guy on the hot seat,' " he says.

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