End of Lockout Signals Beginning of Mayhem

End of Lockout Signals Beginning of Mayhem

OK, here's what we know: The NFL is on the verge of lifting the lockout, an announcement is expected soon, training camps should be open Aug. 1 and everyone will live happily ever after ... right?

Not exactly.

Yes, we're on the verge of a settlement, but, no, not everyone will be happy. Tell me, for instance, how much joy the league's 32 capologists experience when camps and contracts collide in August. No, better yet, tell me what the next six weeks look like for agents representing players in search of new contracts and/or new homes.

Forget it. I'll do it for you, and I'll reduce it to one word.


"The hardest part is the signings of unrestricted free agents, rookies or undrafted rookies," said a capologist with a noteworthy NFC club. "It's the extensions of contracts of your own players ... and the reductions of contracts ... and the trading of players. That's stuff you usually have a whole offseason to do.

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