Losing Could Spark Mets' Fire Sale

Losing Could Spark Mets' Fire Sale

The Mets still have one legitimate closer.

His name is Sandy Alderson, and he is the guy that Citi Field fans do not want to see answering the phone after another Phillies victory.

The Mets did nothing to dissuade Alderson Friday night from the inevitable Big Dump before the non-waiver trade deadline on July 31.

The Phils roughed up R.A. Dickey in a three-run second and then their reliever Juan Perez doused a bases-loaded brushfire in the sixth. The Mets lost, 7-2, tumbling a weighty 12 games behind in the NL East and 8-1/2 games behind Atlanta in the wild-card race.

The one rousing cheer came with Carlos Beltran's eighth-inning homer, which of course was only a reminder that the outfielder is dangling by a uniform thread to this team. If the Mets are playing to prevent their own dissolution, which seems the case, they did themselves no favors on their way back down to .500.

This is no mind-set to play nerveless baseball. There is considerable, destructive pressure on this team right now, as we all wait for Alderson to drop all pretense of contention - when pretense is all the franchise has left in its ticket-sale brochure.

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