Hall of Fame Game Should Be Canceled

Hall of Fame Game Should Be Canceled

Outside of Richard Dent, I don't know anybody in Chicago who, a year from now, will remember what happened the first weekend of August 2011 in Canton, Ohio.

Unless something bad happens to a Bears player in a game that should be canceled immediately, that is.

If the Bears play the scheduled exhibition game against the Rams at Fawcett Stadium on Aug. 7 — the day after Dent and six others are enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame — that possibility poses a bigger concern than ever.

The only people who possibly could get valuable experience out of this game would be the trainers. This threatens to be the NFL preseason opener brought to you by the American Red Cross.

Call it off now, Commissioner Goodell.

Roger Goodell has championed player safety too consistently to allow it to be threatened by playing so quickly after NFL teams reassemble following the lockout. The reward of preserving a full NFL exhibition schedule to make a nationally televised, business-as-usual PR statement on NBC isn't worth the risk of injury for players who need every possible practice to get back into football shape.

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