End of Lockout Won't Fix Damaged Season

End of Lockout Won't Fix Damaged Season

Not surprisingly, the NFL is reportedly hours away from taking a key to the owner-induced lockout.

Pardon me if my yawns conceal any enthusiasm.

The owners don't care about any downgrade in overall game quality this fall due to the absence of minicamps, regular coaching supervision and team-regulated injury rehabilitation.

They don't respect the ticket-buying public because they will still demand a premium price for a clearly subpar product.

They know passionate football fans are basically sheep following the herd. The owners only appreciate their own bottom line, explaining that there will soon be a new collective bargaining agreement because they are coming perilously close to sacrificing their lucrative exhibition-season revenue.

The two sides merit neither applause nor gratitude for "saving" the NFL season.

But, so what, as long as no games were missed, right?

Who cares, so long as the bookies can offer Vegas odds and precious fantasy football leagues aren't interrupted?

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