Gillick Is Best Evaluator of Talent in Baseball

Gillick Is Best Evaluator of Talent in Baseball

Pat Gillick scouted me, too.

OK, so maybe one of the greatest general managers of all time didn’t actually scout me in the traditional sense.

I was never a prospect for the major leagues, in the same way that I was never a prospect to date a supermodel.

But perhaps the greatest honor of my “career” — such as it was — is that I went through the same Gillick Test as Roberto Alomar, Jayson Werth, Ichiro Suzuki and all the great athletes who, you know, could actually play.

And at the time, I didn’t even know it.

See, my first day-to-day experience covering Major League Baseball came in 2005, as a backup Mariners writer for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Objectively speaking, the team was terrible that year. But one highlight of the job was that it enabled me to talk baseball with Gillick, the brilliant and genuine man who will be inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday.

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