Gillick Perfect Man to Run Cubs

Gillick Perfect Man to Run Cubs

He will pay tribute Sunday to his great runs with the Blue Jays, Orioles, Mariners and Phillies when he is inducted into the Hall of Fame, but he also will do what he does best. He will be gathering intelligence.

In this case, the 73-year-old executive will be asking questions about the Cubs and their owners, the Ricketts family. Unless Ricketts is truly naïve, it will be Gillick's feelings about the potential of the organization that will determine if he becomes involved, more so than anything Ricketts can say or do.

Long ago, when Tribune Co. ran the Cubs, Gillick was sounded out about leaving the Blue Jays to jump to Chicago. He said thanks but no thanks because he wasn't convinced he would have the necessary resources and autonomy to succeed.

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