Alabama Suit Scandal Grows Bigger

Alabama Suit Scandal Grows Bigger

When I was in college, I had one suit. It was crappy, ill-fitting, and I wore it rarely. No one I knew in college had more than two suits. Post-graduation that didn't change much. Nor did it change much after I began practicing law. I had one suit hanging on the back of the door and another at home. I just checked my closet and saw that I have two suits today. How many suits do you have? Probably not as many as Julio Jones did when he was a wide receiver at Alabama. As the T-Town Menswear story continues to grow, one of the most interesting aspects of the story has been the degree to which a middle-aged suit store owner ingratiated himself with the Alabama football program. As you've seen from our previous story hundreds of Alabama players have been pictured hanging out at his store.

Including Julio Jones at the above picture, trying on a suit coat inside the store.

Why are so many players hanging out here?

How many mall stores did you regularly hang out at while you were in college?

The only real reason why so many Alabama players would be hanging out at this store is simple -- because they were getting hooked up in some way. Ohio State's tattoo parlor meet Alabama's suit parlor.

But what evidence is there that hookups took place? Well, it's still circumstantial at this point. All we've determined so far is that Alabama confirmed the suit store owner was selling items autographed by the players. We haven't proven that he provided impermissible benefits to those players or that the players knew their autographs were being sold. Although, it's worth considering how the Alabama players couldn't know their autographed material was being sold considering that the merchandise they signed was being sold at a mall kiosk in the same mall where T-Town Menswear was located.

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