Lockout Provided Plenty of Entertainment

Lockout Provided Plenty of Entertainment

The NFL lockout is essentially over, according to a slew of media organizations who are reporting a long-term deal was reached Monday, and all that’s left are the formalities.

The NFL even does labor disputes better than other leagues. The NHL lost an entire season. MLB blew a World Series. The NBA almost assuredly is going to miss part of the upcoming season.

If this is indeed the end, then let the record show that as labor battles go, the four-month lockout was a low-stress, even enjoyable at times, soap opera for fans.

After all, who didn’t enjoy NFL Players Association executive DeMaurice Smith’s deep rotation of snazzy fedoras? (Time will tell if he can negotiate, but there is no debate the man can dress.)

Or the cascade of condemnation fans rained down on usually unflappable Roger Goodell at the NFL draft? (These were the most uncomfortable moments of Goodell’s charmed life since it took him five minutes to secure a date to the 1976 Saddie Hawkins Day dance at Bronxville High School.)

Or the way both labor teams would see the television cameras and posture like tough guys as they marched en route to some Midtown lawyer’s office. It was like some white-collar West Side Story. (The best part would be when they’d get stuck at a cross walk. Even NFL players don’t look tough waiting for the walk symbol. Lawyers are just laughable.)

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