NBA Appears in No Hurry to Follow NFL

NBA Appears in No Hurry to Follow NFL

The NFL lockout has ended, with the league's owners and players agreeing to a new collective bargaining agreement just a scant few weeks left in the offseason. Things will be rushed, but the next NFL season will play all of its games on time. And both sides seem happy with their particular take of the billion buck pie. The NBA, coming off a year of record revenues and sky-high TV ratings, would seem to be next in line, right?

It would seem to be, but it won't be, unless there is a significant change of mood from either side in this situation. And because the two sides haven't had a significant conversation in about a month (even the last negotiating sessions, toward the end of June, mainly just served as treading water sessions), they won't have nearly the same style and familiarity as the NFL sides had heading into the meat and potatoes of their final bargaining sessions.

Sure, the NFL had a 14-week head start on the NBA, but that matters little when both ends of the NBA table are acting as churlish as they are, with so many factions within those two opposing sides threatening to take away from the main thrust of either the players' or owners' arguments.

No, the NBA is far away from getting it together, even if they're just a week or so away from getting together to talk about getting together (after only a month off, those devoted caretakers of the game).

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