NFL Fans Missed ... What, Exactly?

NFL Fans Missed ... What, Exactly?

To borrow a phrase from another sport, no harm, no foul.

Football fans of the world, what did you miss? It was the perfect pro sports lockout (to call it a work stoppage would be to imply the players were in any way complicit), beginning when the last season ended and ending with the loss of just one extraneous game, the Hall of Fame affair. The teams now can write appropriate checks to the Hall for the lost revenue from that canceled game, and life can go on. It’s not as if anyone needed to watch the Rams and Bears put on a glorified scrimmage Aug. 7, anyway.

Other than that, what did we miss? If you are an exclusionary NFL junkie, not interested in anything else happening in the world of sport, and thus you really needed OTAs and such to get you through May and June, you need more help than is probably available. The rest of us, who enjoy football as part of our 12-month sports smorgasbord, missed a little free agency talk but nothing else. We have survived very nicely.

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