Kimbo Slice's Son Is a Rising Football Prospect

Kimbo Slice's Son Is a Rising Football Prospect

Kevin Ferguson always wanted to be an All-American linebacker for the University of Miami. It didn't work out for the man better known as Kimbo Slice, but he may have a second lease on life with his son Kevin Ferguson II

Kimbo was a great football prospect back early 90's at Palmetto H.S. in the Miami area. His football career was derailed when his house was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew.

Kevin, a 16-year-old at Booker T. Washington H.S., is the spitting image of his menacing dad (pictured below) all the way down to the trademark facial hair. He's got a big bushy beard, but doesn't have to go with the bald head like his father. Kevin II has a tall mohawk. He looks slightly older than a junior in high school.

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