Mets Willing to Gamble on Big Upsides

Mets Willing to Gamble on Big Upsides

There is a line to be drawn from Zack Wheeler backward to Brandon Nimmo and forward when it comes to Jose Reyes.

It is a philosophical line the Mets live by now under general manager Sandy Alderson in which they are willing to take big risks, notably financial, to try to accrue as many impact-type players as possible.

So the Mets ignored the concerns about Nimmo -- that he was a high school kid from Wyoming, hardly a baseball hotspot -- and drafted him with the 13th overall pick last month because they projected tools that could translate to an All-Star. They were willing to eat $4 million dollars of Carlos Beltran's remaining contract and accept just one prospect in return from San Francisco because the one prospect, Wheeler, was someone Mets scouts thought had front-of-the-rotation potential.

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