Schefter and King Make Themselves Part of the Story

They are all over our internets and television. They travel the world, get paid more than you and me (well, definitely me, not sure about you), have a sense of entitlement, and tend to say petulant or irresponsible things at times – it’s bound to happen when you speak so often to the media. I’m speaking, of course, of the national celebrity sports writer/reporter. The story shouldn’t be about them, but sometimes it is.

This weekend, we had two different cases of the use of a powerful voice in an irresponsible fashion. On Saturday, Adam Schefter said via Twitter “Eagles already are referring to themselves as ‘The Dream Team.” Over 800,000 people follow Adam Schefter’s messages, and that particular one was passed on (re-tweeted for us cool kids) by well more than 100 to their followers.

Was it remotely accurate? No. At best it was irresponsible. Twitter can be a powerful tool, though, with short messages passed on quickly and viewed, often amongst many others in real time, that form a blurry and spontaneous reality. I had something saying, “yes, the Eagles did say this” in the back of my head, probably from glancing over this tweet that day.

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