Top 10 NFL Career Resurgences

Top 10 NFL Career Resurgences


The just-retired Randy Moss got a second chance at the Hall of Fame by latching onto the New England Patriots late in his career. Donovan McNabb, just shipped to the Vikings a after a brutal season in Washington, will be hoping for the same. Minnesota also happened to be the place where Brett Favre completed the final act (maybe?) of his legend after a disastrous one-year stint with the Jets.

In the NFL, it's never over until it's really all over. A great player sometimes just needed a change of scenery to snap out of a mid-career crisis and complete his journey to Canton. With short careers and coaches under constant pressure to win now, teams often are unwilling to tolerate more than one or two subpar seasons even by their best players. Whether it's a bad fit, bad scheme, bad knees matters little. Last year's MVP is yesterday's news.

But one team's trash sometimes turns into another team's Hall of Fame treasure. These extreme examples are our Top 10 NFL Career Resurgences.

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