Gabbert Displays Special Presence for Jaguars

Gabbert Displays Special Presence for Jaguars

Let me start this column by saying it is not another shot at David Garrard. I mean it. Really.

It's praise for Blaine Gabbert.

What I saw on the Jacksonville Jaguars' practice field Thursday night from Gabbert, the team's top pick in the April draft, is like nothing I've witnessed on any of the Jaguars' practice fields in the 16 years they've been in existence.

Not from Mark Brunell. Not from Byron Leftwich, and not from Garrard.

What I saw on that practice field Thursday was a rookie quarterback who stood tall in the pocket, scanned the field, and made throws down the field with a big, strong arm.

He's also a guy who can improvise, seeing him several times get flushed out of the pocket, only to keep his eyes up for a chance to make a throw, which he did twice.

As one Jaguars source said, "He does some of the things that Ben Roethlisberger does. He's a playmaker. He makes plays."

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