Coaching in D-League Would Be Mistake for Pearl

Coaching in D-League Would Be Mistake for Pearl

Look, I get it.

Bruce Pearl desperately wants to get back into coaching college basketball and knows he will be out of the game for at least one season.

In the meantime, he wants to show that he’ll literally do anything to get back into college hoops and also stay relevant by popping up in the news from time to time. This way, he won’t fall off the face of the earth in the eyes of athletic directors.

And so far, it’s worked to perfection. The sports world has become fascinated with the possibility that a two-time SEC Coach of the Year would be willing to coach in the D-League. From the coverage Pearl has received – including national headlines and an appearance on “Pardon the Interruption” last week – you would think he was mulling over a coaching offer by the Los Angeles Lakers, not the Texas Legends.

But in the long run, I think this move would be a mistake by Pearl. He doesn’t appear to realize what he’s getting himself into if there is in fact an NBDL season.

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