Stats Suggest WR Jackson Not Worth Big Bucks

Stats Suggest WR Jackson Not Worth Big Bucks

The dark cloud hovering over the heads of the Philadelphia Eagles seemed to clear up on Monday when holdout receiver DeSean Jackson returned to camp. Jackson had been hoping to get a new contract, but the Eagles' largesse in long-term deals appears to be limited to new players at the moment.

With Jackson set to be paid $600,000 in the final year of his rookie contract, he's unquestionably a bargain right now. It's interesting, though, that the Eagles have neglected to lock up Jackson to a contract extension, as Philly is known for signing its young players to team-friendly deals before they hit the free market (think everyone from Todd Herremans to Reggie Brown to Trent Cole). So why haven't Andy Reid and friends given Jackson an extension? And what might make him a bad bet for whichever team does?

It's very simple: DeSean Jackson needs to catch the damn ball more.

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