Hall Not Looking to Quiet Rodman

Hall Not Looking to Quiet Rodman

For now, the Dennis Rodman exhibit at the Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass., is dominated by one of his old Bulls warmups, red with black trim.

By Saturday morning, if all goes according to plan, museum officials will exchange it for the gaudy clothes Rodman is expected to wear Friday night at the induction ceremony ... or early next week if the replacement outfit needs cleaning following the party ... or by Thanksgiving if it requires nuclear-powered steaming. The man knows how to celebrate.

Rather than plot countermeasures for potential bleepety-bleeping antics on live TV, rather than draft a letter of apology to the world for "that unfortunate incident" in the kind of farewell to the game Rodman had promised through the years, executives are not merely giving "The Worm" his custom-fit moment of individuality. They are embracing it. They don't want to survive Friday night at stately Symphony Hall. They want it to live on.

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