Rodman Bares Soul in Hall of Fame Speech

AP Photo

Right there. Friday night, on stage, standing at the podium, emotions ricocheting around Symphony Hall. That's the Dennis Rodman people need to see more.

That's the Dennis Rodman who is hard not to like, even for the many who don't like him. Of course he is over the top like no one else as the only Hall of Fame inductee -- ever -- whose face would set off a metal detector and who wore two outfits so tres sheesh, one for the outdoor red-carpet arrival and the other for the enshrinement ceremony. Of course he chose a couple words that were indelicate for a crowd with a lot of children and a national-television audience. That's Rodman too.

The unmistakable realness, though. Even while admitting his image has at least been partially built on marketing fakery,...

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