Yankees GM Boldly Backs Burnett

Yankees GM Boldly Backs Burnett

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman on Friday launched an impassioned defense of supposed No. 2 starter A.J. Burnett, lashing out at the pitcher's critics and claiming reaction to his struggles are “overblown,” based on the perception he is overpaid and rely on emotion rather than facts.

“The stuff on A.J. is way overblown. A.J.’s been solid for us this year. I just think the way it’s playing doesn’t necessarily reflect how he’s pitched,” Cashman said. “The public outcry recently is all emotion rather than factual.”

Cashman, acknowledging Burnett has not performed like a No. 2, nevertheless called on critics to “peel the onion” and examine Burnett’s recent numbers, claiming a lack of victories could be attributed to various factors.

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