Cubs Can't Wait to Dump Zambrano

Cubs Can't Wait to Dump Zambrano

Not so fast. The Cubs can’t be rid of Carlos Zambrano this easily. Can they?

Jim Hendry certainly seems to hope that Zambrano is serious about his threat to retire, and you can’t blame him. It would be Christmas come early if he turned into a combustible version of Gil Meche and walked away from his $18 million salary next season, giving whoever is running the Cubs then even more flexibility to retool the roster.

But life doesn’t work that way. Not for the Cubs, anyway.

The organization that overlooked transparent warning signs about Zambrano four years ago, before they gave him his $91.5 million -- just like they lived with the huge downsides of the Sammy Sosa experience before that -- probably will have to continue paying baseball’s idiot tax.

Zambrano may have thrown his last pitch, and issued his last apology, for the Cubs. Or not.

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