Is Mourning a Hall of Famer?

Is Mourning a Hall of Famer?

The Class of 2011 has been inducted, an eclectic group, one that shows that making it to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame is about more than statistics.

There are unique qualifications, although no one is quite sure what they are amid the secretive balloting process.

The timing of this past week's inductions in the wake of Yao Ming's recent retirement has raised question about the center's credentials to enter the Hall as a player, in addition to the "contributor" designation that seems impending. It is a worthwhile debate, considering Yao's NBA career ultimately spanned only eight seasons and 486 regular-season games.

And yet, if such a sample size is enough to at least be entertained for enshrinement in the player wing, then it opens a concurrent debate, namely the potential candidacy of former Heat center Alonzo Mourning, who has been considered a borderline candidate since his forced retirement midway through 2007-08 due to a knee injury.

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