6 Tops for Taking Small Kids to Sporting Events

Every parent wants to pass along his or her interests and passions to the next generation. Those of us who are parents and sports fans want to expose our children to the world of sports while they are still young. This involves signing them up for soccer, taking them to basketball camp, or teaching them the backstroke.

It also involves taking them to games.

Parents who are sports fans dream of sitting with their son and/or daughter at the ballpark on a late summer evening, teaching their offspring how to keep score and splitting a bag of popcorn. But such a dream is exactly that: a dream. Taking children to sporting events poses all sorts of challenges that the average parent does not anticipate. And, if you aren’t careful, you may walk away from the ballpark hating your children and the sport of baseball.

Here are some things that every parent should know or consider before taking the kids to a ball game:

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