Miami Should Look to USC as Example

Miami Should Look to USC as Example

In this scandal-filled summer, filled with tales of strippers, tattoos and College Football Gone Wild, there is something stripped down and spartan about USC football, where velvet ropes are no longer necessary to line the practice field.

No drills have been interrupted by stunt dummies being launched from the roof of nearby buildings or Will Ferrell bursting onto the field in a superhero leotard.

The sidelines, which once routinely teemed with fans, autograph seekers, friends, families, agents, pro scouts, ex-jocks, celebrities, politicians, reporters, runners, recruits and assorted hangers on -- we're talking about practice here -- are now mostly vacant.

Whereas Matt Leinart once demanded a golf cart be requisitioned to ferry him back to the dressing room so he wouldn't be subjected to the maw, the latest trophy quarterback, Matt Barkley, makes the walk alone -- without anyone stopping him.

In addition to being banned from bowl games and losing scholarships, the deprivations are also sensory.

"When we were here before until now, it's like two different places," Lane Kiffin -- an assistant coach during those years and now the head coach -- said with a degree of wistfulness. "However you refer to it, the Hollywood atmosphere or the superstar atmosphere -- that's all gone."

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