Despite Wade's Claims, Chemistry With James Lacking

Despite Wade's Claims, Chemistry With James Lacking

The biggest and baddest basketball-grounded criticism of last season's Miami Heat turn focused around the absolute and utter fact that Heat stars Dwyane Wade(notes) and LeBron James(notes) seemed to be taking turns running a potentially championship-winning show. The team made the Finals, and overcame quite a bit along the way, but the offensive chemistry was lacking.

Others may have chafed at the overhyped buildup in the months preceding the Heat's attempt to win a championship featuring Wade, James, and Chris Bosh(notes); and they'd be right to. But those who deigned to tune into anything more than the nationally-televised games (though those contests were often the most egregious examples of such) noticed that Wade and LeBron weren't exactly ham-and-egging it like Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen used to. And that's to use a phrase that both Pippen and Jordan used to describe their chemistry.

That's all a bunch of media prattle, though, according to Wade.

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