Irish Sink in Storm of Mistakes

Irish Sink in Storm of Mistakes

At halftime Saturday, spires of lightning and thunderclaps and lusty boos essentially sent Notre Dame to a corner to think about what it did. And also what it didn't do, and just how viperous the whole shabby exercise had been to that point.

It got interesting, but it didn't get better, and a six-hour ordeal got the Irish nowhere. The BCS aspirations blurred. The presumed path to deliverance detoured. Then a quarterback controversy detonated on the whole thing, a withering 23-20 defeat to South Florida, and where this stops nobody knows.

What are believed to be the first and second weather delays in Notre Dame history lasted a combined 173 minutes. The teeth-gnashing will last far longer over a recalibration of everything set in motion for the past nine months.

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