If Pryor Is Suspended, Why Not Tressel?

If Pryor Is Suspended, Why Not Tressel?

When former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel quietly slithered into the NFL after fleeing from a scandal partly of his own making, he created one of the NFL's greatest public relations challenges.

Indianapolis hired Tressel as a game day consultant, and he'll advise coach Jim Caldwell on whether the Colts should challenge a play call. Tressel and Caldwell are friends. It's the only reason Tressel was able to get into the league.

The hire itself is now in the past, but what it did was leave Roger Goodell with a huge mess to clean. What Goodell does next -- or doesn't do -- will have massive repercussions with many of his players, who are watching closely.

Terrelle Pryor was suspended for five games by Goodell because of his actions at Ohio State. Players union officials, I'm told, at the time urged Pryor to fight the suspension, but he initially declined. I've confirmed that Pryor is appealing the suspension.

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