EPL Needs Its Own Version of Rooney Rule

EPL Needs Its Own Version of Rooney Rule

Paul Davis gets a reaction when he tells black players they should study for their coaching badges and try to become managers.

"The guys laugh in my face," he says.

It's not because they're rich or lazy or complacent or arrogant.

It's because they think it's futile. It's a waste of their time and a threat to their dignity. It's because their path is blocked.

Sometimes, they mention what happened to Davis himself. How he spent five years coaching the U13s and U15s at Arsenal before he quit in 2003 after his failure to progress.

Do you remember what Davis was like as an Arsenal player? Cultured, elegant, a clever passer of the ball. A thinking man's player.

He won the title twice under George Graham in 1989 and 1991. He's a bright bloke, too. Personable, articulate and smart. He could show players his medals, too.

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