Roenicke Deserves Manager Award

Roenicke Deserves Manager Award

If the season ended today, Kirk Gibson likely would be voted the National League's manager of the year.

And it would be a good choice. The Arizona Diamondbacks weren't supposed to be winning the NL West, much less running away from the defending World Series champion San Francisco Giants.

Just as he was as a player, Gibson has shown himself to be inspiring as a manager, at least as much as a manager can make a difference in big-league baseball. With the talent the Diamondbacks have, Gibson is almost pulling off the managerial equivalent of his one-legged home run against Dennis Eckersley in the '88 World Series.

Unlike Jack Buck, I can almost believe what I'm seeing from the Diamondbacks. They're overachieving on the way to the playoffs, and a manager has a part in that insofar as he puts his players in a position to succeed.

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