Man Who Robbed Cooley's Gallery Is Not Smart

Man Who Robbed Cooley's Gallery Is Not Smart

This is not exactly Hardy Boys-esque, but Chris Cooley just may have solved the mystery of who broke into his Leesburg pottery “Cooley Gallery.”

For those of you that missed the back story, Cooley’s gallery was broken into last week.  His wife, Christy Cooley, told police that the pottery on display was untouched, but a cash-register had been stolen.

This morning, Chris shared with The Sports Junkies the finer details of the case (first picked up by Kevin Ewoldt of Hogs Haven):

The deal was he smashed through the front door. I guess he was intoxicated. He left blood all over the gallery.  He went in and took a computer and the cash register – left finger prints everywhere. He figured out the computer was just a computer and not a safe, so he smashed that and left it [and then] walked out the back alley way.

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