Janikowski Dreams Record Kick Before It Happens

Janikowski Dreams Record Kick Before It Happens

DENVER -- Sebastian Janikowski wasn’t overly impressed.

It was much prettier in his dream Sunday night.

“To be honest, I didn’t hit it very well,” Oakland’s rifle-legged kicker said of his NFL record-tying 63-yard field goal that was the difference in the Raiders’ 23-20 win over the Denver Broncos in a sloppy game Monday night.

“I just saw the replay. It barely made it.”

Janikowski was much more enamored with his dream sequence from the night before the opener. While in his Mile High City hotel, Janikowski dreamt he tied the NFL record -- which he now shares with Tom Dempsey and Jason Elam -- and sent the game to overtime. He said he was going for the record in overtime in his dreams.

“It was weird that it all happened,” Janikowski said.

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