Rivalry Could Light Fire for Notre Dame

Rivalry Could Light Fire for Notre Dame

There’s no escaping the conga line of excruciating Notre Dame losses in recent years. If the 35-31 loss last week to Michigan wasn’t transcendent enough, Michigan State’s presence at Notre Dame Stadium on Saturday will serve as a stark reminder of another wound not fully healed.

Pain is gain, they say. Maybe it will take players getting fed up after all the last-second touchdowns and fake field goals in overtime to finally get this program over the hump.

“We want to get revenge, and we know that it’s a big rivalry game, and it’s a game that we can get back on our feet,” receiver Michael Floyd said.

The game against the 15th-ranked Spartans (2-0) might be just what Notre Dame (0-2) needs. The stunning fake field goal that beat the Irish in overtime last season is still fresh in their minds, as is the sting of giving up a game-winning, two-play, 64-yard, 28-second drive to the Wolverines last week.

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