Congress Must Step In and Stop Realignment

Congress Must Step In and Stop Realignment

In normal circumstances, Congress can't stay far enough away from sports for my taste. We don't need steroid hearings on Capitol Hill or federal lawsuits against bulging Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. We don't need Sen. John McCain threatening to have the federal government shut down the UFC. And we damn sure don't need a House subcommittee passing empty legislation, as it did in 2009, prohibiting the BCS title game from being promoted as "the national championship" because the BCS isn't a true playoff.

But we need this.

We need Congress to get involved in the wave of conference realignment that's crashing through the upper levels of college sports, threatening to remake college football and basketball in a way that will benefit nobody, and I mean nobody, beyond the television networks.

How sincere am I on this? I work for a television network, a network that televises college football. Then again, I don't work for the television network responsible for this garbage. When you get angry, college football fans, don't get angry at CBS. I mean, sure, get angry at CBS for favoring the SEC or for allowing Gary Danielson into your living rooms (just kidding, Gary!), but don't get mad at CBS for this, because this isn't our fault.

ESPN is doing this. And ESPN must be stopped.

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