Martz's Play-Calling Endangers Cutler

Martz's Play-Calling Endangers Cutler

Please return Mike Martz from the coaching booth to the sidelines while Jay Cutler still is ambulatory instead of in an ambulance.

Martz might see the game better up there, but he really needs to hear what's going on with the Bears offense. And nothing screams the need for Martz to change louder than the thud of another Cutler sack.

The Bears already have given up 11 sacks — the same number Cutler absorbed the entire 2008 season with the Broncos.

Does Lloyd's of London have a Chicago office?

If Cutler were the Bears' child, DCFS would have been at Halas Hall first thing Monday morning. This persistent football neglect for Cutler's health and safety threatens to ruin the maturation of a quarterback unless somebody applies some tough love to Martz.

This year, it takes more than just a meeting. It calls for an ultimatum.

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