Geography Lessons Go Unlearned at College

Geography Lessons Go Unlearned at College

Even as the conference they call the Pac-12, as in Pacific, claimed this week that it was not expanding into Texas, Oklahoma, and/or the Bahamas, the convulsive realignment of major college football continued to be described as "fluid."

Most swamps are.

Doubtless you noticed that Pitt and Syracuse scurried onto firmer footing in the hot muck over the weekend, joining the Atlantic Coast Conference to a competing cacophony of condemnation and endorsement, with no less prominent an oracle than Joe Paterno himself saying "good move," then adding somewhat cryptically that "I don't know where we're going to end up."

That set off a clarion call of sources trying to tweet Penn State and Notre Dame into the ACC as well, all while West Virginia was refusing to say it had been rejected by the ACC and Southeastern Conference, which was simultaneous to the Big 12 trying not to put a match to the gasoline Texas and Oklahoma had splashed all over its house.

I'm firmly in the wake-me-when-it's-over camp, not particularly caring whether Penn State plays in the English Premier League or the old Summit Hill Dart League, but it sure is interesting in the meantime to watch the way the individual universities are all thrashing about like reptiles for the best television deal to suit their own egocentric vision, completely absent of any central authority.

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