Cardinals Likely Will Race Past Braves

Cardinals Likely Will Race Past Braves

Even as they delighted in the Cardinals’ victory on Sunday, some among the happy Busch Stadium crowd had to be thinking the unthinkable.

Had Albert Pujols just played his final home game in St. Louis?

And was this it for Tony La Russa, too?

To which I would reply: Fear not, Redbird devotees. You have not seen the last of No. 5’s steely glare or No. 10’s tinted shades. Pujols and La Russa will wear the home whites in St. Louis again — because, contrary to what the schedule says, Sunday afternoon’s 3-2 triumph over the Cubs will not stand as the Cardinals’ final home game this season.

They are going to the postseason — or, at the very least, a one-game playoff against the Atlanta Braves on Thursday for the National League wild card. The Cardinals would host that tiebreaker, by virtue of their 5-1 record against the Braves this season.

And if it goes to Game 163, St. Louis will win there, too.

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