Messy Guillen, Marlins Divorce Inevitable

Messy Guillen, Marlins Divorce Inevitable

Ozzie Guillen talks about Miami all the time, about going down there and living on a boat and drinking and spending his money and doing all the things Ozzie loves to do. Miami was his personal destiny, and you know what they say about mixing business and pleasure.

Particularly when business is named Jeffrey Loria. He owns the Florida Marlins, the team Ozzie is expected to manage next season after he and the Chicago White Sox parted ways Monday night. The divorce was as amicable as they get after 21 seasons of service as a player and manager, including his leading the franchise to its first championship in 88 years.

The one with Loria might ignite all of South Florida.

It would be odd to talk about the dissolution of a marriage before it commences were this anybody other than Jeffrey Loria and Ozzie Guillen, who together are black pants with a navy blazer. Instead, it’s a fait accompli. The only question is how long it will take for the Mouth of South Beach to cause Loria’s talking-out-of-turn hazard lights to start blinking.

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