Why Aren't More Blacks in Sports Blogosphere?

Why Aren't More Blacks in Sports Blogosphere?

Now, the Deadspin panel is where things get interesting, though I wasn’t in the room for the best part. As I understand it, Jemele Hill asked A.J. why there were no black people on Deadspin’s staff (the delegation at BWB4 was all white men, save for Emma Carmichael and the best writer in the building, Tommy Craggs). You certainly could ask why there weren’t any Latinos, also, but that’s not terribly crucial at this moment, based on the answer offered. I’ll use quotes, but this is paraphrased, at best.

“It’s a white industry. I just don’t see that many black people in new media.”

Now, I’ve had more than a few people ask me if I was going to skewer A.J., and I’m not. I don’t think it’s necessarily productive, nor do I think it’s fair to single Deadspin out when hardly any of these new media outlets have any black people on the case. I checked out a startup a few weeks ago that had the same problem (and a much bigger staff). This isn’t a Deadspin problem or a Daulerio problem, so I’m not going to pretend either of them is THE problem. Hell, the crowd at BWB barely had enough black people to play a game of spades, and nearly all of them were on a panel. Yeah, we’ve got something bigger going on here.

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