How Has Steve Bartman Avoided the Internet?

Osler's Razor

It seems strange—miraculous, even—that sites like ours or other media outlets have yet to catch even a glimpse of Steve Bartman post-hibernation. No candid cellphone pic popping up on a Chicagoan's Facebook page. No first-hand account of a Bartman sighting at the laundromat or the gym or an Applebee's in Schaumburg. Finding a photo of him without the Cubs hat and dopey headphones, wearing some expression other than one of frozen sadness, would be like finding a photo of a Yeti in a national park. Except that this Yeti still works a desk job outside of Chicago, if Catching Hell's information is still up to date.

The photo seen above is from a personal blog called Osler's Razor, whose author was a friend of Bartman's roommate at Notre Dame. The ...

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