Anonymous Stanford Easy to Ignore

Anonymous Stanford Easy to Ignore

Imagine Stanford playing in the Southeastern Conference, in the daytime, on CBS.

Picture Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson gushing about Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck.

"He's a composite of Archie Manning [Mississippi] and Tim Tebow [Florida]," Lundquist might say.

"I actually see an amalgam of Joe Namath [Alabama], Fran Tarkenton [Georgia], George Blanda [Kentucky] and Peyton Manning [Tennessee]," Danielson might counter.

Stanford has to be the quietest greatest team out there — and it has to be someone's fault. The school has played its last two games, against Arizona and UCLA, in the dead of the East Coast night.

People who say "don't sleep on Stanford" don't understand how hard it is stay awake that late.

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