Gritty Cards Making Phils Nervous

Gritty Cards Making Phils Nervous

They've been counted out so many times, the Cardinals must know what it was like to be Leon Spinks near the end of his heavyweight boxing career.

Down for the count, over and over again. The difference is, the Cardinals always rise. Opponents can leave them stunned, shaken and in a haze. Seemingly defeated, the Cardinals get up. They fight back. Furiously.

And so it was again on Sunday night in Game 2 of the National League division series held at the zany confines of Citizens Bank Park in South Philadelphia.

After spotting the Phillies and their former Cy Young winning pitcher Cliff Lee a four-run lead, the Cardinals rebounded in a way few would have imagined.

"It's definitely not somewhere you want to be," Cardinals center fielder Jon Jay said. "But it's the playoffs. We're not going to quit, and that's something the team has done all year."

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