Under Pressure, Tigers Refuse to Fold

Under Pressure, Tigers Refuse to Fold

Tense? Nah, why would you say that?

Just because, for more than five innings Sunday, Tigers starter Max Scherzer flirted with a no-hitter? Because the Tigers built a 2-0 lead that you just knew should have been bigger? Or because in the ninth inning, the entire season appeared to fall apart, one brick at a time?

There was Jose Valverde, on the pitcher's mound, a lonely man on a hill -- crowd screaming, rain pouring, Yankees rallying. Valverde -- maybe the best closer in the game this season -- had come in with a 5-1 lead. In normal circumstances, Tigers manager Jim Leyland might not even use Valverde with a four-run lead. These were not normal circumstances.

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