Can Cardinals Handle Prosperity?

Can Cardinals Handle Prosperity?

There are a million ways to get into Bud Selig's little baseball tournament, but once they announce your arrival, the rest is up to you.

Unlike so many other playoffs where the decks are often wildly stacked against the underdogs, baseball's postseason is a wildly unpredictable, decidedly democratic delight. So you can casually glide into the playoffs with 102 victories and a 13-game divisional cushion like the mighty NL East champion Philadelphia Phillies, or storm in at the last possible moment like the notoriously late-arriving Cardinals, yet October baseball always requires that you leave your regular-season credentials at the door.

Over the last 21 years, do you know how many teams with the best regular-season record in baseball ended up winning the World Series? Eight? Ten? Twelve? How about only three? That's why there really should be no surprise that this National League divisional series arrives in Busch Stadium for Game 3 of this best-of-five conflict all tied up at one game apiece with no one certain which way it will go from here.

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