Chris Cooley Enjoys Tony Romo's Choking

Chris Cooley Enjoys Tony Romo's Choking

As the Redskins were holding on to a sort of ugly 17-10 win on Sunday, Tony Romo was doing far uglier, throwing three picks — two returned for touchdowns — as Dallas blew a 24-point lead at home.

In fact, for all the talk of Bad Rex, I think Bad Tony might be more of a thing. As Charean Williams noted, “In his past 10 starts, Romo is 3-7. Four of the losses were games in which Romo had at least two turnovers, including both Cowboys’ losses this season.” Romo has five interceptions and three fumbles this year, while Rex Grossman has five interceptions and two fumbles. Of the NFC East’s starting QBs, Eli Manning has the fewest turnovers. Snort.

Anyhow, if you thought that the Redskins players themselves weren’t delighting in Romo’s follies, you’d be wrong.

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