Yankees' Fate Rests With Burnett

Yankees' Fate Rests With Burnett

DETROIT — The Yankees need A.J. Burnett to be better than CC Sabathia.

In the history of the Yankees, there have been few more discouraging thoughts at this time of year. First because Sabathia — in possibly his last game with the team — pitched poorly enough in Game 3 to even make it a subject. And, second, because now the Yankees’ season rests with A.J. Burnett, whom the organization trusts so little it was trying to avoid using him at all in this Division Series.

So ignore the cover story the Yankees are offering about their confidence in Burnett. They have as much confidence in him as he has in himself, which is to say not much. Actions will speak louder than false bravado, and tonight Joe Girardi will show his true faith by having an incredibly quick hook; by trying to make sure Burnett does not actually finish off this Yankees campaign.

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