Bullpen Could Sink Phillies' Season

Bullpen Could Sink Phillies' Season

ST. LOUIS -- The home run got out in a hurry. The nine outs that followed took forever.

The home run changed this series. The bullpen could still sink this Phillies season.

Or maybe not.

Ben Francisco could be a Matt Stairs-like hero in Philadelphia for years to come ... but until this month is over, the late innings are going to be a huge concern.

Francisco's three-run pinch home run won Game 3 for the Phillies, and very possibly won this Division Series against the Cardinals. But it only lives on in Phillies lore if Ryan Madson and the rest, who held on (barely) for a 3-2 win Tuesday, keep holding on for the rest of the month.

But is the rest of this month going to go like this?

"It took pretty long," Shane Victorino said of those last nine Cardinal outs. "It felt pretty long."

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